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Plumbing Services

General Household Plumbing Repairs

From kitchens to bathrooms, Abstract Plumbing Services can help with repairing or installing taps, sinks, showers, baths, laundries, dishwasher and ice machine installation, in-sink garbage disposals, toilets and more.  We can even help with new water lines, or moving sinks or toilets to new locations. We can also do garden taps, new water lines, rainwater tanks, roof drains

Drains and Sewers

Abstract Plumbing Services are the drain and sewer professionals in Sydney, and can help with all blocked drains or collapsed sewer lines.  Our state-of-the-art trenchless relining technology can repair broken drains underground that other companies would have to dig up - saving you time and money.

Water Heaters

From repairs to new installations of water heaters and even the latest in continuous flow, solar water heater and solar heat pump technology - Abstract Plumbing Services can have hot water back for you today.

Pipes and Leaks

If you have issues with leaking pipes or pipe corrosion, we can help locate the source of the problem and suggest a range of solutions including repiping or relining your pipes.

Gas Lines

For gas line installations and repairs for your home's heating, hot water or barbecue.

Water Conditioning

With all-of-home water softeners, conditioners and purifiers for the ultimate in clean water.

Backflow Prevention

Including annual testing, repairs and new installations of backflow preventers.



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